Web Design & Development at bueroparallel

Georg Redelbach Architekten Website Homepage
Website for german architect Georg Redelbach. I added the animation behaviour to the static layout and did all the front- and backend (Wordpress) code. 2012-13. It's live here.

After two internships in 2008 and 2009 I joined bueroparallel as a freelancer in 2010. Because I was still a student at the time, I usually worked during the longer school/university holidays.
I worked on corporate websites for small to medium-sized german companies. My tasks included concept, design and front-end coding.

In my favorite projects at bueroparallel, I was able to focus on more experimental web experiences. This meant especially a thorough use of animation. I defined consistent and logical behaviours for elements movements. This way, animation emphasizes the site structure and adds value instead of just being eye-candy.

I did all the design and code for this redesign 2011-2012. It feels much nicer live than it looks on the screenshot.

Clients include Würth Elektronik, Pallmann, Caritas Würzburg, Georg Redelbach Architekten, Zentrum für Telematik e.V. and Georg Ackermann.