Start Coding e.V.

Designing an educational code editor

A screenshot of the Start Coding educational editor
The Start Coding e.V. educational editor

At Studio NAND I worked for non-profit coding initiative Start Coding e.V. . I designed a placeholder page and later the initiative's main website, mainly focussing on the design and prototyping of two educational coding environments to introduce children to creative coding.

A screenshot of the Start Coding code tutorial for children
A screenshot of the interactive introductory tutorial

While Start Coding focusses on connecting existing clubs, tools or other offers with prospective coders from all age-groups, the platform offers three tutorials for different skill levels. Together with Steffen Fiedler of NAND, I developed the concept, design and interactive prototypes in Keynote and code for the latter two.

A screenshot of the Start Coding gallery
Creative tutorial outcomes in the online gallery

The third tutorial lets children draw using code and upload it to an online gallery filled with hundreds of artworks. This way, they are not just following a guide learning how to code, but are already creating.


Client: Studio NAND for Start Coding e.V.