A Computer Walks Into a Gallery ...

Site-specific Computer Vision Installation

Installation, painted wood, 13ft x 8ft, in front of: Michael Morgner, Man Pacing, Mixed media on paper laid on canvas

Commissioned by DAAD for the Consulate General of Germany in New York, the installation revisits a permanent artwork in the consulate's lobby gallery.

Michael Morgner's “Schreitender” (engl. title: “Man Pacing”) was shown to a computer vision algorithms trying to “see” features in the image. Visualizing what the computer saw, the installation is a physical manifestation of the computer's limited understanding of a work of art or, perhaps, the world in general. At the same time, it invites the viewer to see the artwork differently, to rediscover it through new ways of looking.

The installation is on view in the Consulate General of Germany through February 9th, 2018.

Photos: Joey Lee


Commissioned by: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for the Consulate General of Germany, New York
Computer Vision: yolo