Philipp Schmitt

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Blueprints for Intelligence

Work 2019–22

Containers for Invisibilia

Work Better Images of AI 2022

Learning to See II

Work Deutsches Hygiene Museum 2021

How Does Thinking Look Like

Work MAX Live Arts Festival 2021

Mark II (Convolutional Neural Network)

Work NYU Center of Data Science 2020

I Am Sitting In A High-Dimensional Room

Work 1014 space for ideas 2020

Curse of Dimensionality

Work MIT CAST 2020

Tunnel Vision

Work The Photographers' Gallery 2019–20

Sympoietic System

Work Harvard Art Museum 2020–22


Work 2019

The Chair Project (Four Classics)

Work MAK Vienna 2018–19

Why Would You Want To Picture It

Work 2019


Work Runway Residency 2019

Humans of AI

Work 2018–20

Learning To See

Work 2018

In Search of an Impossible Object

Work Designed Realities Lab 2018


Work 2018

A Computer Walks Into A Gallery …

Work German Consulate New York 2018

Computed Curation

Work 2017
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