360° Weather

A short project on weather visualization, 360° is an augmented reality weather app for iOS

360° was a three-week data visualization project. The task was to use the OpenWeatherMap API.

The app isn't your usual weather app. 360° compares the temperature at your current location to the weather in cities around the world solely using color.

Some Screens from the 360° Weather App
Cities are arranged horizontally with their temperature visualized as a background color. The bottom shows your local temperature. Blending the color into each other allows for an ambient way to compare the weather.

Cities are displayed not on a single screen, but around the user in their respective geographical direction. To navigate between cities, one has to move and turn around. A city can only be seen when the phone is pointed towards its direction.
This way, 360° becomes an augmented reality visualization.

Here's a quick video that shows how the app behaves as you turn around.


In order to illustrate the concept, we built a prototype as an iOS web application. There's a buggy version that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. You can try it on your iPhone here.


Concept/Design/Development: Philipp Schmitt and Florian Lubnau
Consulting: Benedikt Gross
University: Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd