Weeknote #5 and #6

Jun 3, 2016

I missed last week's note, so here's a double. The last weeks of my bachelor project have begun, the pulse quickens. The project is about a possible future of crowdwork (i.e. online microjobbing) where everyone can become worker or employer at any time and switch between those roles constantly. There is also a fictional company named Human Element. If anyone is reading this – stay tuned.

Three other good things of the kind that I'd share online happened in the last week:

Camera Restricta was honored Student Notable at the Core 77 Design Awards in the Speculative Concepts category. There's some great work amongst the winners that you should check out.

Also, Stephan and I finished and boxed the Unseen Portraits 2 exhibit for Science Gallery Dublin, which is good. Now we really hope that it will work. It's our first interactive exhibit, which is scary.

I bought a new book, too. It's the Haiku Book by artist Rafaël Rozendaal:

thinking about
doing sit-ups
never mind

He has a lot of them online for free, too.