Weeknote #4

May 22, 2016

I'm already wondering I should turn weekly to monthly notes. There's just not that much happening here. Maybe this is some kind of a link-sharing thing?

Watch Keiichi Matsudas Hyper Reality, if you haven't already. It's a bubble gum coloured vision of a world where Analog and Digital have merged. My favorite moment is at 04:00 when the VR is turned off — revealing physical tracking markers and technology that keeps the virtual layer in place.

While thinking about what I should do this summer when I finish school, I made some progress in The Art of Travel. The chapter I'm currenly reading deals with how we feel obliged to visit certain sights when we travel somewhere.

Travel twists our curiosity according to a superficial geographical logic, as superficial as if a university course were to prescribe books according to their size rather than subject matter.

The accumulation of places that apparently make out a city or region can't possibly all match one's interests. Still, guidebooks collect “must-see” locations and try to make you feel for not seeing this and that.