Week 67-69

Aug 21, 2017

I left MIT at the end of July, travelled home to Germany, got a new visa, spent a nice couple of weeks with friends and family, and am now back in the US. In a new place to become home: New York City!

Working with the researchers at Senseable City Lab taught me lots of things and has been a truly great experience. I am lucky to have had such an amazing first, post-college job! Back in the bubble that is design school, I am excited for what's ahead at the New School and in New York — details forthcoming.

Other things: QUAD in Derby has published an album of photos of their exhibition Machine Made, in which we're showing Raising Robotic Natives.

Also, I am selling a limited run of Computed Curation mini leporellos. Those are 10x15cm, 10 image booklets for 10€ + shipping. Email to order.