Week 48-50

Apr 8, 2017

I can't believe it's already (almost) two months since I started at MIT. Working at SENSEable City Lab is great not only because of the projects, but very much for my great colleagues (and of course all the free food on campus).

I want to share more work in progress rather than releasing only finished projects. That's why I've started another tumblr titled Work in Progress from the Office of Philipp Schmitt. Let's see how this goes.

Also, the talk I gave at This Happened #3 in Brunswick in January is online now. It's been the first time for me to speak publicly about my work and I like to think I didn't do too bad. There are two articles that I found pretty helpful preparing for this event: this one by Zach Lieberman and another one by Jer Thorp. Here's what I did:

Thanks to the great students and Prof. Michael Jonas at HBK Brunswick!