Week 32-36

Dec 30, 2016

This note marks 36 weeks since I wrote the first weeknote on May 1st. Although I didn't post every week (14 weeknotes), I consider the whole thing a success. Turns out, other people actually read them too. This lead to a couple of interesting conversations and even to making a new friend.

Having a public notebook (and a geeky command line interface for writing and publishing) also got me to write four “non-weeknote” posts. Those articles, although admittedly only reciting passages from books, make me want to write more original content in 2017. It's just somehow scary to publish your own thoughts. Let's see.

2016 was great for me professionally, mostly because rewards for projects from 2015 turned up throughout the year. The most exciting part was getting to travel to Ireland, Switzerland and the United States to see exhibitions of my projects. I feel pretty lucky :)

Next year is set to be just as awesome and I can't wait to share what's coming up. To keep this a recap, I'll push that to next week. Have a Happy New Year, everyone!