Week 18

Aug 29, 2016

I've moved out of my old apartment over the weekend, which is sad. But this site moved to a new font: HK Grotesk by Alfredo Marco Pradil, which is nice. It also deploys via git now. I think I can start to call this command-line thing a “CMS”.

Not that anyone would care, but I finished two books recently: Firstly, A Burglar's Guide to the City by Geoff Manaugh, author of the fantastic BLDGBLOG. Really enjoyed this one!

Studying architecture the way a burglar would, Geoff Manaugh takes readers through walls, down elevator shafts, into panic rooms, and out across the rooftops of an unsuspecting city.

Then there's Utopia by Thomas More. It's a classic, but in there's not much to it beyond “okay” if you don't invest in studying all the political background info (which I did only shallowly).