Week 136-158

May 1, 2019

I just published Humans of AI, an online exhibition of three pieces based on my reverse-engineering of the COCO image dataset. The series restores attribution for the dataset's unwitting contributors. It exposes the myth of magically intelligent machines, instead applauding the photographers who made the technical achievement possible. — http://humans-of.ai

I'm fortunate to participate in two shows in Milan this Spring: Raising Robotic Natives is part of Broken Nature at 22nd Triennale di Milano (Mar-Oct), curated by Paola Antonelli with Ala Tannir, Laura Maeran, and Erica Petrillo. And The Chair Project was shown in Interfacce del Presente at BASE Milano in March, curated by Link Art Center's Tiziana Gemin and Fabio Paris.

I am working with a Danish furniture and artisans on a new version of The Chair Project for Uncanny Values at the MAK Vienna. We made four new, AI-generated-human-built chairs in full scale and Scandinavian furniture design tradition. Humans working for a machine — not as dystopia, but as opportunity. Please join me for the opening on May 28!