Week 116-123

Sep 1, 2018

Summer break is over. I went places, almost got eaten by a bear upstate, ran a 11km race on Cape Cod, and had a good time overall.

Over the Summer I worked with Daniel Sauter on a research project for which I designed and built a prototype using using blockchain (not exciting) and IPFS peer-to-peer web technology (quite exciting!).

I also taught a three-week creative coding summer class for incoming grad students, which was a very rewarding challenge! I learned a lot and want to teach more in the future. In fact, I'll be a Teaching Assistant in the MS Data Vis program at Parsons this Fall.

Speaking of Parsons: My second (and final) year of grad school has begun and I am very excited to spend the next nine months working on my thesis project. It'll be in the realm of critical investigations into machine learning, but I don't know the specifics yet. What I know is that I am taking super promising electives that'll shape my thesis: A MA Media Studies class called Data, Archives, Infrastructure with Shannon Mattern (finally!); and Concept Work and Materialization with Dunne & Raby and anthropologist Janet Roitman in the Integrative PhD program. Let's go!