Week #11 to #17

Aug 21, 2016

I decided that calling them weeknotes doesn't imply that I need to publish them weekly.

Just over one month ago, I finished my Bachelor Degree in Interaction Design and went straight into design-hibernation. I travelled to Denmark to visit old friends and stayed in Croatia for a week for defrosting. I got a tan on my forearms.

I'm working on a small update for Roads to Rome and do some graphic design work for a friend's musical endeavours. I'm also available for smallish freelance projects or collaborations!

Apart from that I'm researching programs for a Master's degree in Design to start next year. At HfG we were taught excellent fundamentals and a structured, analytical way of design for problem-solving. I'm looking for a complementary program now: an experimental approach that questions what else design could be.

I'm mostly writing this for sorting my thoughts, but please email me if you have any suggestions!

What's next? I'll be in Dublin at Science Gallery the first weekend of September. Then, Camera Restricta is part of the biennal Images Festival in Vevey, Switzerland from 10 Sept. 10th to Oct. 2nd. See you there on the 16th!