Bachelor Project Online

Oct 20, 2016

Stephan and I released our bachelor project this week. Human Element Inc. consists of three speculative crowdwork services for everyday life.

There's also 200 pages worth of documentation of the process and project. You can download it here [German, 43.5mb]. I put quite some love into the book, but didn't get to take proper photos of it yet. Look at these shitty ones in the meantime:

The cover illustration depicts patent EP 0062955 B1 by inventor Willem Van Muyden: a bee hive with numerous features designed to increase wellbeing of the colony and ultimately honey yield. — In the media, a worker bee metaphor is often used to describe crowdworkers. Web platforms are their hives, subject to outside manipulation beyond the worker's control.
Always use the future cone!
Documentation Photo
The book features an advertisement by crowdwork company Human Element Inc.