Philipp Schmitt: Interaction Designer

MAY 2014

Make Longer Cables

A short film I made during a one-week mechatronics workshop

During a one-week introductory workshop to mechatronics, we wired and programmed a five-axis robotic arm.

Half-way into the workshop, faced with the question what we should do with the robot, we had a funny idea: Since most robots are generally involved in repetitive tasks, what if the robot — bored by its monotonous work — tried to commit suicide by pushing itself off the table?

The video was shot and edited in one day, using a Canon 5D Mark2 and Premiere Pro. The robot is controlled by an Arduino Uno.

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Team Partners
Stephan Bogner Louis Fischediek
Project Type
Student project at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Mechatronics workshop by Franz Biggel