Philipp Schmitt

How Does Thinking Look Like?

Performance Lecture, 26:00 min, 2021

How Does Thinking Look Like? is a performance lecture about the embodied and material practice and history of AI research.

The culmination of a four-year inquiry, the piece draws from a range of historical material, and a two-year residency in a machine learning research group at New York University.
It surfaces the role of embodied, situated knowledge in a field of science obsessed with non-human artifacts; and complicates the role of diagrams and imagination in a discipline relying heavily on intuitive engagement with the invisible.

How Does Thinking Look Like? will premier in Fall 2021 at The Neuroverse live arts festival in New York City.


How Does Thinking Look Like? is commissioned by Media Art Xploration. My fellowship at NYU was sponsored by the Berggruen Institute ToftH program.

A picture of two hands above an old, grainy image of the Mark I Perceptron, a machine for pattern recognition.
A picture of two hands, one holding a red marker, hovering over a page of a computer science research paper with a diagram and some text.
Two hands hovering over a diagram of a machine, the Mark I Perceptron designed by neuroscientist Frank Rosenblatt.
Two hands aligning themselves with an abstract diagram of lines and shapes.