Philipp Schmitt


I'm a designer specializing in technically challenging projects that have a positive impact. Currently, I design geospatial software for environmental and civic impact at Element 84.

My past work includes designing and prototyping experimental interaction design concepts and data-driven experiences using large datasets and emerging technologies.

Btw, I'm also an artist. Most other sections of this website are dedicated to that practice.

Selected clients

Lake George Association, Philadelphia Water Department, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Headwaters Economics, People for Bikes, BSCS Science Learning, Alimentiv, Probable Futures, Harvard Art Museums, MIT SENSEable City Lab.


Figma, User interviews, Dovetail, React, Svelte Kit, Next.js, Astro, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, D3, Mapbox GL JS, QGIS, GeoPandas, Machine Learning, Accessibility Insights for Web, VoiceOver screenreader

UX & Product Design

Wildfire Risk to Communities Lake Protector

Maps & Visualizations

NASA Hyperspectral Imaging The 50 Hottest Places in U.S. Politics U.S. Redistricting Tracker City Scanner

Other projects

Place: A Writer for Spatial Thinkers